WaterMiser WaterBrooms

October 19th, 2009
By Scott

Watermiser Waterbrooms

Watermiser Waterbrooms

How do you clean your driveway or sidewalk? Do you ever have to clean a parking lot or tennis court or pool surround? Wow, how long does that take you?

Do you use a hose and nozzle or a pressure sprayer? How much water does that use? How do you handle all of the water runoff?

How would you like to clean your surfaces faster and use very little water so that everything dries more quickly?

WaterBroom to the rescue!

WaterMiser WaterBrooms, from ConserveIQ, are some of the most innovative cleaning products ever invented to save water, time and money. WaterBroom is a powerful cleaning device with patented technology that uses multiple outlets of high pressure water and air to quickly clean surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, tile, pool decks, driveways, parking lots, tennis courts or any area that would normally be cleaned with a hose and nozzle or pressure sprayer.

Much less water and safer!
Even though WaterBroom effectively cleans those horizontal surfaces, it uses dramatically less water than other cleaning methods. In fact, a hose and nozzle can use between 8 and 18 gallons of water per minute while WaterBroom will only use about 2.0 gallons of water per minute. Think about that huge savings of water!

To give you a good visualization, WaterBroom will only use about ONE TABLESPOON of water per square foot of coverage at normal walking speed! That reduces runoff and allows the cleaned area to dry very quickly, which improves safety.

Work less and accomplish more!
Lastly, you can get your cleaning jobs completed much faster with WaterBroom since it will save you a significant amount of labor time. Instead of taking so long to hose off an area or methodically use a power sprayer, the WaterBroom will allow you to reduce your labor as much as 75% when compared to other methods of cleaning. Just walk with your WaterBroom and quickly complete your cleaning projects so you have more time to do other things you enjoy!

Call ConserveIQ today for a WaterBroom and start making your life easier!

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About the Author
Leading the way for conservation is the ConserveIQ Professor and President, Scott von Gonten. He is not only a Certified Green Professional, he is also an approved instructor for Green Building. Learn more about the ConserveIQ Professor.

  • Scott

    I want one of these! I bet it can save a lot of water and time!

  • Scott: Yes, our Waterbroom will save you a lot of time and a significant amount of water! You will find that cleaning your driveway, or other surfaces, will almost be a joy....well, almost! Plus, since the Waterbroom's spray nozzles are forceful without using a lot of water, your cleaned surfaces will dry much faster than they normally would with traditional cleaning methods. Please call me at 713 213 1205 for a very special deal on your Waterbroom! Best regards, Scott von Gonten, ConserveIQ Professor

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